Geowave providing seismic imaging services to the Oil Industry in Indonesia. Our Objective is to generate high quality products with the latest seismic data processing technology in a timely manner. Our experienced and professional personnel achieve this through the implementation of totally integrated systems.

Our seismic imaging services include:

  • Time Imaging
  • Depth Imaging
  • Model Building

Time Imaging

Depth Imaging

Model Building

Seismic Support

Our seismic support services are available for land operations. We have extensive experience in 2D and 3D acquisition operations with various energy sources on land

WEB AVO Inversion

Geowave collaboration with our partner Delft Inversion providing WEB AVO Inversion services to the oil and gas industry in Indonesia. The technology portfolio of Delft

Seismic Survey Design

Survey design and planning is the foundation of every seismic acquisition project. Geowave's survey design experts plan seismic surveys that maximize seismic image quality, operational