Since 2009 Geowave has been providing geophysical services to the Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia. Our geophysical services offer application seismic survey design & modeling, seismic imaging, seismic reservoir, passive seismic tomography, gravity & magnetic, resistivity, and GPR.

Seismic Imaging

Our Objective is to generate high quality products with the latest seismic data processing technology in a timely manner. Numerous workflows and algorithms are carefully selected and expertly applied to address challenges from seismic data calibration and regularization through to noise and multiple attenuation and signal enhancement.

Seismic Reservoir

Generate rock property volumes and maps from your seismic data. Characterize your reservoir using pre-stack and full-stack analysis, and deterministic and geostatistical inversion. Predict property distributions using neural networks or numerical models with confidence ratings.

Seismic Design & Modeling

Detailed pre-survey modeling is essential to efficient and successful seismic operations. Modern acquisition geometries are increasingly sophisticated. A comprehensive range of services to address acquisition, data processing, seismic interpretation, and drilling challenges.

Seismic Acquisition QC

Quality control services are available for both land and marine operations. Our seismic consultants have extensive experience in 2D and 3D acquisition operations with various energy sources on land and with multi-streamer and OBC surveys in the marine environment.

VSP Processing

Vertical seismic profiling also known as borehole seismic has numerous applications in the game of hydrocarbon exploration. Its utility has expanded from simple time- depth information to reservoir characterization. It acts as a vital link between geology and seismic.

Data Conditioning

Geowave Technology is a global leader in data conditioning and has more than 8 years of expertise and experience in all aspects of the discipline. It performs rapid seismic reconstruction, map digitizing, well-log digitizing, compositing and formation description logs to the highest technical standards.

Seismic Survey Design

Survey design and planning is the foundation of every seismic acquisition project. Geowave's survey design experts plan seismic surveys that maximize seismic image quality, operational

WEB AVO Inversion

Geowave collaboration with our partner Delft Inversion providing WEB AVO Inversion services to the oil and gas industry in Indonesia. The technology portfolio of Delft

Seismic Imaging

Geowave providing seismic imaging services to the Oil Industry in Indonesia. Our Objective is to generate high quality products with the latest seismic data processing