Seismic Survey Design

Survey design and planning is the foundation of every seismic acquisition project. Geowave's survey design experts plan seismic surveys that maximize seismic image quality, operational

Seismic Imaging

Geowave providing seismic imaging services to the Oil Industry in Indonesia. Our Objective is to generate high quality products with the latest seismic data processing

WEB AVO Inversion

Geowave collaboration with our partner Delft Inversion providing WEB AVO Inversion services to the oil and gas industry in Indonesia. The technology portfolio of Delft


Geomicrobial Hydrocarbon Detection (GMHD)

GMHD is a new generation of hydrocarbon detection technology. It is widely applied to predict the occurrence and distribution of oil & gas accumulations at

Geochemical Hydrocarbon Detection (GCHD)

GCHD technology is mainly used to predict the geochemical properties of the reservoir in depth (oil, condensate or gas etc.). It applies the proprietary acid

Free Soil Gas (FSG)

Petroleum exploration surface geochemical surveys can be used to map the light hydrocarbons expressed through microseeps from active petroleum and natural gas reservoirs at depth.