Geowave Awarded Seismic Design & Modeling in Madura

We have awarded a seismic survey design and modeling project for 3D marine seismic acquisition in Madura Offshore, Indonesia.

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Geowave Awarded PST Processing in Malang

Geowave has been awarded a contract to conduct 3D Passive Seismic Tomography in Malang, East Java. Geowave has been awarded a

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Geowave is become one of the sponsor of Joint Convention Malang 2017, HAGI-IAGI-IATMI-IAFMI. Theme of the event is “Natural Resources and

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Geowave Awarded Passive Seismic Survey in Trembul

Geowave has been awarded a contract to conduct Low Frequency Passive Seismic (LFPS) Survey in Trembul, Blora, Central Java. Geowave has

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Partnership with Org Geophysical

In January 2015, Geowave signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Org Geophysical. Org Geophysical a Norway company providing a range

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