In November 2019, Geowave Technology signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Gondwana Geoscience (GS). GS a Australian company providing a range of proprietary service in 2D and 3D Geophysical Modeling for gravity, magnetic, and electromagnetic data, as well as 3D Geological Modeling for geological and well log data. Gondwana Geoscience specialises in multi-data integration through 3D geological earth modelling.

The term “Gondwana” is inspired by the location of the founder’s office, but also by the outreach of the business and its principal associates who are based mostly in the southern hemisphere, but have worked and researched across the globe. The term is also used to inspire the idea of the implied geological history behind every geological or geophysical model or interpretation and their place in defining the story of our planet.

Although the chief background of the founder lies within geophysics and structural geology, the ultimate intention of Gondwana Geoscience is to provide a resource for explorers wishing to carry out studies requiring information across geoscientific disciplines. Core services in geophysics and geological modelling and interpretation will be provided initially with links to other services via associates and software resources.

We are excited to represent Gondwana Geoscience in Indonesia and look forward to collaborating with them as we believe that this partnership can bring significant value to both companies.