The integration of multi – disciplinary information in Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Geo – microbiology can significantly improve the accuracy and reliability of prospect identification and hydrocarbon detection in complex geological settings, eventually improve the exploration efficiency, reduce cost and increase drilling success rate.

4G exploration technology has been successfully applied in complex terrains (including mountains, deserts, loess plateau, permafrost, salt lake, shallow seas and deep water) and different geological settings (including structural, stratigraphic, structural-lithologic and litho-stratigraphic traps) and have been validated by drilling results. It also exhibits good application in the sweet-spot exploration in unconventional resources (including tight gas, shale gas, and natural gas hydrates).


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Geochemical Hydrocarbon Detection (GCHD)

GCHD technology is mainly used to predict the geochemical properties of the reservoir in depth (oil, condensate or gas etc.). It applies the proprietary acid

Free Soil Gas (FSG)

Petroleum exploration surface geochemical surveys can be used to map the light hydrocarbons expressed through microseeps from active petroleum and natural gas reservoirs at depth.

Geomicrobial Hydrocarbon Detection (GMHD)

GMHD is a new generation of hydrocarbon detection technology. It is widely applied to predict the occurrence and distribution of oil & gas accumulations at