With the increasing demand for Delft Inversion’s proprietary WEB AVO Inversion technology, we are extending our global presence by co-operating with regional representatives. To meet with significant stakeholders of the regional oil and gas industries, co-founder Panos Doulgeris had the honor to present Delft Inversion and WEB AVO Inversion technology portfolio to SKK Migas, the oil and gas authority of Indonesia. We are confident and keen to provide WEB AVO as a solution to de-risking regional subsurface projects in the oil and gas industries.

Several visits to oil and gas company were done to sharing session regarding the WEB AVO Inversion technology such us Pertamina EP, Saka Energi, Star Energy, and Ophir Energy. Many questions raised from the audience showing their interest in this new advanced reservoir characterization. We believe it will be useful for oil and gas exploration and development in Indonesia.