In January 2015, Geowave Technology signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Exploration Technologies, Inc. (ETI). ETI a American company providing a range of proprietary service in Geochemical services.

ETI is a leader in geochemistry. ETI provides innovative geochemical services that are applicable to both the exploration & environmental industries. ETI’s geochemical techniques are employed in the petroleum industry to reduce exploration risk and utilized in environmental assessments for accurate and cost-effective site characterizations.


Petroleum exploration surface geochemical surveys can be used to map the light hydrocarbons expressed through microseeps from active petroleum and natural gas reservoirs at depth. The maps, developed from the survey, serve as a guide to identifying prospective areas in both frontier and mature basins. The light hydrocarbons, when surveyed, analyzed and mapped, using ETI’s proven techniques and technology, produce a graphic, geochemical picture of the source rock below. This picture shows whether or not a given area contains petroleum source rocks; whether the area is more oil or gas prone; and finally, whether or not the gas is over cooked and non-productive, or the oil too heavy to produce by drilling alone. Such studies can greatly reduce the area to be searched; helping to focus more expensive exploration techniques, such as 3D geophysical surveys, on those portions of the basin most likely to contain petroleum accumulations and potential reservoirs.


The Exploration Technologies, Inc. (ETI) staff of geoscientists has extensive experience in the research, development, execution and interpretation of various geochemical techniques utilized in environmental studies, petroleum and minerals exploration. ETI possesses a wide range of capabilities to perform all phases of environmental site assessments involving natural and refined petroleum product surface and subsurface contamination. Surface geochemical surveys are utilized by ETI to delineate the horizontal extent of subsurface contamination in soils and/or groundwater. The vertical extent of contamination is subsequently determined using ETI’s real-time on-site screening laboratories during borehole drilling operations, thus allowing for a three-dimensional interpretation of the contamination present. These techniques, used in tandem, can provide a very cost-effective accurate evaluation of the subject property while reducing the risk of errors and omissions during the assessment phase. From the fully equipped and experienced crews to the highly qualified laboratory personnel, ETI is dedicated to making the best possible interpretation on which clients can base their environmental decision.