Seismic Survey Design

Survey design and planning is the foundation of every acquisition project. Geowave’s survey design experts plan seismic surveys that maximize seismic image quality, operational efficiency, and safety, while ensuring that the recorded seismic energy will accurately image the target.

When planning a seismic survey, there are many factors that influence and inform decision-making at all stages of the process. By modeling multiple acquisition scenarios, our design professionals recommend the tools and techniques to deliver the best images as cost effectively as possible.

We use MESA software for seismic survey design. MESA is the industry standard for designing seismic acquisition surveys. The development team works in partnership continuously with its customers to add functionality, improve performance, and enhance the user experience. MESA’s principal functionality includes:

  • Survey design and subsurface coverage analysis for 3D/3C and VSP surveys
  • Geologic modeling, ray tracing, and illumination analysis
  • Chronological project tracking and crew production statistics