3D Passive Seismic Tomography

Passive Seismic Tomography is the gem in our exploration toolbox. A methodology originating from regional seismology, downscaled after years of experience at an exploration level.  Easily applicable, cost effective and environmentally friendly, it is a robust exploration alternative in cases where conventional practices wouldn’t be an option, either due to block size, penetration issues, budget limitations, accessibility and/or environmental restrictions.

Seismotech has already applied Passive Seismic Tomography in a number of “mission impossible” cases worldwide. In difficult geological settings, from thrust-belt zones and evaporitic environments to massive sedimentary deposits, as well as in extreme morphologies, from tropical jungles to harsh mountainous areas and environmentally sensitive zones. Our clients have acquired impressive results both at a reconnaissance level, where we have delineated the 3D structural image of enormous areas of interest at limited time and budget, as well as at a reservoir scale, where we were able to define productive and non-productive areas around known productive structures.

Having in mind that in order for the methodology to be applied, the area of interest has to be tectonically active, Passive Seismic Tomography is an excellent all-terrain, all-weather exploration tool for those areas, capable of giving answers in difficult exploration problems.